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Misconduct trial opens for Maple Park chief
Chicago Daily Herald

Controversy over Somonauk Strip Club
News Tribune

Court ruling affirms agricultural zoning in DeKalb County
Chicago Tribune

Nally found Guilty
Dekalb Daily Chronicle

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Upcoming Debates

DEKALB: Mayoral candidates, Greg Sparrow (incumbent) and Frank Van Buer will meet in a one hour debate on March 15th at the Best Western Inn in DeKalb. The evening forum includes round table questions and answers sessions with aldermanic candidates Dave Baker (incumbent) and Jessie Perez, 6th Ward; Mike Knowlton (incumbent) and Donna Gorski, 4th Ward; and Kris Povlsen (incumbent) and Ed Pevonka, 2nd Ward. Candidates for the DeKalb School District #428 Board of Education will also participate in a forum discussion along with candidates Pat Lavigne (incumbent) and Mike McCoy for DeKalb Township Supervisor. An Open House begins at 6:00PM.

SYCAMORE: Mayoral candidates, John Swedberg (incumbent) and challengers Ken Mundy and Earl Gable will participate in a debate on March 31st at the DeKalb County Farm Bureau. Aldermanic and school board candidates will also debate. Other candidates for Sycamore elections will be present to talk with their respective constituents as well.  The evening begins at 6:00PM.

CORTLAND: On March 29th at the Cortland Lions Shelter, candidates Ben Suppeland (incumbent) and challenger Bob Seyller will participate in a debate.  Doors open at 6pm.

SANDWICH: A candidates forum in Sandwich will be held at 7 p.m. March 31 at the Sandwich Opera House, 140 E. Railroad St.  Incumbent Tom Thomas will be debating candidates Todd Latham and Bill McMahon. Aldermen will also debate from the contested 2nd Ward, in which Karl Robert Peterson and Chris Phillips will run.

We'll post links to local candidates in the local races here...

Growth Quiz:

Poll is closed. Here are the results:

Which is increasing at a higher rate in DeKalb County?  
The number of rooftops 25.9%
Government Spending 71.4%
In the future residents of DeKalb County will...  
thank the current community leaders who believe growth is an opportunity for economic development needed to create jobs and reduce the tax burden. 85.7%
thank the current community leaders who believe growth is adding to the tax burden and does not produce satisfactory economic development. 14.3%
Homes in DeKalb County should be priced for...  
the people who work in the suburbs with higher paying jobs who are willing to commute 7.1%
the people who work and live in DeKalb County. 92.9%
When I am shopping or looking for entertainment, I want to...  
make it a day trip 14.3%
drive across town 85.7%
My overall taxes, including real estate, income, sales and user taxes, all inclusive are...  
Too Low 10.7%
Too High 89.3%
Impact fees are paid by...  
the builders and developers 25.0%
the people who buy new homes 75.0%
If growth is inevitable then we should make sure that it...  
increases our taxes 7.1%
decreases our taxes 92.9%



Life in DeKalb County

A soldier returns to his family in Sycamore, Illinois. May all men and women of the armed forces return home safely.
  (Photo by Matt McIntyre)


Proposed changes to the DeKalb County Zoning Ordinance has generated serious interest among citizens and property owners throughout the county. A Public Hearing on the subject was held Thursday, Feb. 24 at the DeKalb County Health Department, Multi-Purpose Room. The room was near filled to capacity.

Among the proposed changes include renaming (or titling) R-1, R-2, B-1 and M-1 zoning property in unincorporated DeKalb County to include the word "conservation." (Example: R-1 Conservation.

The stated purpose of these changes is to force all residential, commercial and industrial development to land that can be annexed by an incorporated community. Provisions exist that would allow development in rural areas subject to Planned Urban Development (PUD) stipulations.

This proposal is the county zoning department's second attempt at changes to the zoning ordinance. The first attempt would have rendered many rural properties as "legal non-conforming." Citizen input that expressed concerns regarding the "legal non-conforming" tag created the impetus for the new proposal.

Citizens who addressed the Hearing Officer (Ron Klein) appeared evenly split in support or opposition to the new proposed changes. That marks significant improvement, in terms of public reaction, over the original proposal.


March 17-20  "Big River: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" - Stagecoach Players

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Alternative proposal to changes in the County Zoning Ordinance is an improvement.


Sullivan's St. Patrick's Day
60th Anniversary Party!

Free Corned Beef Sandwiches

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